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Biggar RFC Micros (P1-P3) and Minis (P4-P7) section contain over 95 players from P1 through to P7 with 17 enthuastic coaches, parent helpers and volunteers across all age groups.

Micros weekly training sessions are on Sundays 10am to 11am. Minis train also on a Sunday from 10am to 11.15am, in addition to this our P6 squad also train on a Tuesday night 6.15pm to 7.15pm and P7s are also seeking to have an additional session during the week but yet to be confirmed.

Winter training starts in January through March for the Micros in the sports centre; however we will continue to train outside as much as possible depending on the weather. The Minis will continue to train at the rugby club throughout winter.

Our mini section is to provide  both boys and girls the chance to fall in love with rugby at a young age.

For any information on our Minis section or how to join please contact our Minis convener Trina Malone on 07425947238 or email

Sunday 2nd April 2023 at Currie festival

P7 at Currie

Another week, another successful day away to CURRIE Festival. With school holidays on it saw us travel with 8 of a team. Thankfully Currie had a big squad so they kindly gave us 3 players for each game and all of them got stuck in and gelled very well with our squad, showing the spirit of rugby. It was also a trial day with new SRU rules and scoring system. It was no bother to MUZ, Liam and myself because we delicated wisely. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the parents, mostly the Stories, especially Eve who I think did it all. So a big thank you to Eve and your welcome back anytime.

Today saw us build again with 4 wins out of 5. Only losing out to a very physical Perthshire team. We even faced a touring side from Yarm rugby club and got given a pendant from them.

Thanks to all the parents for their support and taxi duties. Thanks again to Eve Storie. Thanks to Currie RFC. We even got a picture with WP Nell.

For those of you not away anywhere next weekend there will be training at home. The following weekend we have been asked to Jed Forrest. I spoke to a man from Jed today and at this point it is Jed, Duns and ourselves but he did say they were trying to get one more team to attend.

P6 Currie

One word. PROUD!

Well I can honestly say that was some of the best rugby I have seen the P6’s play today! Well done everyone 💪🏻

We spoke to the Currie official after the matches and I believe that our super star Biggar 6’s came second in todays tournament. A fantastic achievement!!

I hope we don’t have too many sore bodies tonight.

A big thank you to Julia , Jessica and Beth for helping out with todays scoring , not an easy job! And to each and everyone of you bringing and supporting the kids

P5 Currie

Great day at Currie today. Some fantastic rugby played. Thank you to our two scorers who picked up on every detail of your game. There were some moments of brilliance today. The defence of your line was outstanding. Most teams would just have gave up and let them score but the determination to drive them back from the line was a joy to watch I even saw a Dupont moment where the player was being pulled back from the line. Out field the defence was brilliant too, a tackle and driving the player back five yards just epitomised the effort you all put in. The running and support was brilliant being highlighted with Sam being on the shoulder to get the pop pass for two tries in quick succession.

Well done team you were a joy to watch and made us all very proud. 👌

P4 Currie

What a team performance that was today!! – from both the players and the parents/supporters! The team played brilliantly in all the games and with only 5 on the pitch at a time, it required huge effort from everyone to get straight back in the game after every tackle and attack. And I have to say that was some of the best tackling we’ve seen- everyone was fully committed and completing all tackles- really great to see it all coming together. And the attacking was equally as good- with every single player scoring at least one try! – amazing stuff everyone. Thanks also to all the parents who helped with the scoring today- it was a huge help and a great team effort too 🙂 A great day of rugby all round!! Well done everyone!

Sunday 23rd October 2022

P6 at Boroughmuir Festival

Yesterday saw us travel to Meggetland to take on Boroughmuir. From the get-go the game was fast moving and very physical. With Boroughmuir having some very strong and athletic players, the Biggar defence was challenged at every stage of the game but the speed of Biggar’s players to the point of contact is what finally toppled Boroughmuir and allowed Biggar to run in some brilliant try’s. It also shone through the higher level of fitness from Biggar after playing 3x 20 minutes (must be the influence of the athletic coaches 😜 ) thanks to parents as well, the sideline enthusiasm was brilliant yesterday 😎

Well done p6

Sunday 25th Sept 2022 – Penicuik Festival

Great start to the 22-23 season today with our 1st games/tournament. We had 4 wins and 1 draw (details below). Great teamwork, tackling and passion for rugby from the players. Our squad today was;

Findlay, Jude, mKallie, Keir, Jude, Lana, Emma, Alexander, Euan, Archie, Struan, Rafe, JJ, Cameron

1st Game – Win

Biggar 3 vs Corstorphine 1

Tries from;, Findlay 1, Rafe 1, Euan 1

2nd Game – Win

Biggar 8 vs Leith 2

Tries from;, Kallie 1, Findlay 1, Euan 2, Cameron 1, Struan 2, Jude 1

3rd Game – Draw

Biggar 5 – Lasswade 5

Tries from;, Findlay 2, Cameron 1, Jude 1, Lana 1

4th Game – Win

Biggar 4 vs Dalkeith 2

Tries from;

Alexander 1, Findlay 3

5th Game – Win

Biggar 9 vs Penicuik 1

Tries from;

Rafe 1, Cameron 2, Kirk 1, Findlay 1, Euan 1, Kallie 2, Archie 1

Well done to all the players!


Penicuik Festival Sept 26th 2021 – a great day out for our wee’st squads.


Right then smashers✊????????
You did it again????????‍♂️????
You blew us coaches and all the fans away today????❤️. I had so many coaches come over and praise you for your enthusiasm, bravery and skill set.
You made us all soooo proud ????. You’re playing against some very well drilled and skilled sides without a worry and properly taking them on. Some other teams and their coaches and parents came to watch you all in the end.
Next week is a big trek to our friends in Ayr. Shall we smash it again? It’s up to you?
Who’s in?
Brian and your very proud coaching team❤️????????????????????????????????

Today saw us take on the Penicuik festival where we took on Penicuik/ leith/ lasswade/ 12-1 / 8/4 / 5/3 we played 8 minutes each half which is a total of 48 minutes play in the tournament and won every game !!!! Thanks to the team for such a huge effort some things to work on but well done . Special shout to JJ in his first game keep up the big tackles ????
The extra training is paying off !!!

Penicuik Festival Report.
Today seen our P7 team head to a sunny Penicuik where we played 3 games, our first game we came up against Dalkeith, we took a bit of time to find our feet and commit at the break down and tackles. Despite this we managed a 7-4 win. Up next were Penicuik first of all we must thank Rocco and Oscar who stepped up and volunteered to play with Penicuik who were short of numbers well done boys! We played better this game but lacked to keep a bit of composure in attack and defence. Our tackle count was far higher this time and we won and kept more possession at the break down, second win 8-3 Biggar. 3rd up we played a very well drilled Lasswade but this time we came out the blocks not just running but sprinting! Praise where praise is due every player stepped up this game, keeping composure and discipline in defence we made every tackle count and counter rucked to win back possession. In attack we had numerous runs with great passing off loads and support play regaining possession clearing rucks for 4 or 5 phases and we got the reward in the end with most ending up in a try. 3 for 3 11-3 Biggar. Every player deserves a massive well done we are really starting to gel and know where we need to be and working with each other really well and showing great team work!!! ????????
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8th March 2020

After another long lay-off the Mini section were finally back in action at Moffat.

Minis at Moffat: there are some great pics on the individual Facebook pages as well as on David Borthwick Photography page (Moffat photgrapher)


After a month off due to the weather we were back in action on Saturday away to MOFFAT. We combined with the P5s to play games against Moffat and ourselves. I was worried after a month off we would be rusty, but once we got going it was a pleasant surprise. Even playing up an age we put in our tackles. Going forward we were always looking for the pass if the space was limited or the pop pass during the tackle. Occasionally we forgot about keeping our line across the pitch with bunching around the play which left a lot of space for Moffats speedsters. It was good we kept Biggar RFC winning weekend going. Well done everyone. Next we are away to Cumnock. Thanks again to all the parents and to Moffat RFC.


It was great to finally play rugby again after all this poor weather. Today seen us head down to a dry Moffat with pretty good pitch conditions, we split up in to 4 teams mixed with the P4’s. The games I game coached I though we played very well with more passing and good communications. We certainly ran in a lot of try’s with good team work on the build up to scoring. The P4’s mixed in very well with some phenomenal tackles coming from them. Hopefully the better weather continues and we manage training on Tuesday night.


Today saw P6 travel to Moffat, where we would play a few games against them as well as a Biggar v Biggar game.
It seems a long time since we played full on competitive rugby and with such a prolonged winter break , combined with us mixing P6 and P7 it wasn’t a surprise that we seemed a bit rusty to start with.
It was just great to get back out again and as the day went on we definitely sharpened up.
Too often though we ran the ball into isolated trouble, coughing up the ball and losing possession.
When we did ship the ball out wide, with very good passing at times, we always threatened the try line.
We still need to be more proactive in defence, especially at restarts.
We did see some very good tackling but still need to do it more consistently throughout the whole team.
We saw many positives today.
Usual thanks to all those supporting the players.


The trip to sunny Moffat yesterday saw us field two combined P6&P7 teams against a Moffat team made up of mostly P7’s.
Understandably we were a little rusty at the start, having not played for a number of weeks, but all in all it was a really worthwhile trip with well matched opposition ensuring that everybody had to work really hard!
There is always plenty for us to work on but this was a good, positive return to rugby after what seemed like such a long lay off.
Well done all – both 7’s and 6’s, particularly after having being thrown together and interacting so well across both the age groups.

2nd February 2020

Micros v Cumnock and Annan

A fantastic turnout of players for Sunday’s games against Cumnock andAnnan. All players enthusiastic to get game time. As usual they didn’t let us down, allowing us to run 2 teams against mixed sides of the opposition. With some great phases of play and greatly improved passing and defence our teams really did shine. Not even one Stuart Hogg moment. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the day go smoothly.


I can only comment on half the games as we split into 2 teams. Our first game saw us slow of the mark and gave Cumnock a couple of easy scores. Once we woke up we came back in to it well. We were back to old habits of running across the pitch at times.
The 2nd and 3rd games were a lot better, we were making a lot of quick passes and putting in a lot of good tackles. One of the best moments for me was when Cumnock were camped out on our try line we showed pure determination and drove them back to the half way line ( Scotland could have taken a lesson). It is really pleasing when the opposition coaches say how well we pass and play. Well done everyone. Thanks to all the parents again for their taxi services, support and help in the kitchen.

8th December 2019

On Sunday the Mini section hosted Dumfries.


Match report down to me today as Gordon and Rob were skiving, so here it is. On what was a very cold and blustery morning we hosted Dumfries at Hartree Mill. From what I caught from both teams we didn’t have the best of days, there was a lot of poor passing of the ball, possibly down to the fact everyone’s hand were freezing, and a lack of commitment in tackling at times as well. I didn’t think Dumfries played great either and the games were there for the taking but we didn’t have our A game at all so couldn’t take advantage of that. There was some good tackling and passing at times but just think everyone was so cold so all in all not a very good day at the office. We’ll bounce back next week, of that I am sure.


Dumfries match reports.

On a cold and wet morning we hosted a small squad from Dumfries. Similar to our squad a couple of weeks ago, a bug has been doing the rounds down there and so only 7 players travelled.

We kindly gifted them a couple of players for each game so as to let as many play as possible. A huge shoutout of thanks to those who donned the blue bib for the opposition and each of you who did, intergrated easily and played very well.

We had 4, 10 minute games. We have played some of our best rugby to date recently, but sadly we struggled a little early on today. Standing off them, we let one or two of their big runners through. However, it was great to see some of the players realise this themselves and their positioning and organisation improved, with very little coaching. Fantastic! Going forward we did run well, passing the ball through the hands, but maybe at times with very little forward gain. Again as the games went on our focus improved and we started to run into space and look for gaps, exploiting them and running in some very good trys.

All in all a very good morning with testing conditions against a very physical team. They did tackle high and targeted the ball in the tackle, but our players never reacted badly, ignoring them and just getting on with our own game. Well done Biggar!

Massive thank you as usual to all those supporting the players and to those who helped in the clubhouse and donated baking. It is much appreciated.

24th November 2019

The Micros and Mini section travelled en masse to Stirling


Well, what can I say mud sweat and RUGBY !!! And that’s exactly what we got when we took on Stirling at yesterday’s tournament. We played non stop as there was only Stirling to play against, but the P3s stepped up to the challenge showing grit and determination and the line speed yesterday, especially in defence, made it very difficult for Stirling to move the ball. Some good passing and even quick balls gave us some very good scores. But enough with all that stuff, when you see a bunch of kids covered in mud with big smiles on their faces, loving there rugby it’s a good day at the office.


A big thanks to all that braved the lovely Scottish weather this morning. We had 9 players, 3 still suffering with the dreaded lurgy and struggled through with a few coughs and splutters.

We played 4 Games, 3 against Stirling County and a game against West of Scotland. The whole team played very well in attack creating lots of try’s with some good individual performances. Most pleasing is when we score try’s from good build up play when we pass either before the tackle or after the tackle into space and to the supporting players.

Well done to everyone.

There was also some great tackles but we could have some improvement in this area so everyone bring a couple of tennis balls to training next Sunday. YES, Tennis Balls and Brian and myself will look to improve your tackling.
No one kept the scores but I think we came out on top in the first two games and had two draws.


It was a grey drizzle and LOTS of mud that greeted us at Stirling today! I hope everyone has helped their Mum’s and Dad’s with the washing! ????

We had three fairly tough games today and in contrast to the last couple of weeks, sadly we didn’t come out on top but there were some great positives.

As coaches, it’s often hard to judge how effective some training sessions are/can be but I agree with Stuart who commented today that we missed not being able to get together this week on Tuesday.

Individually today we continued to make a huge effort. There were several displays of some big tackles. We competed for the ball when it went loose and some fancy footwork saw us make good ground – however, we needed to put that all together in a team effort! There was a little bit of “line fever” set in and this was backed up with a desire by everyone to chase the ball but at the cost of leaving huge spaces which our opposition capitalised on too many times.

It was tough going with the mud and a slippy ball but we were a bit too eager to throw it away “in a general direction” when tackled and this meant we didn’t keep control of our game.

The main positive of today was the lads themselves recognised where they could have improved in our post match chat and that allows them to be more proactive in a couple of weeks time.

Well done for all your efforts. Moving forward is what it’s all about and as much as we like the win, to be able to learn from games puts us in a stronger position.


As I write this all I can hear are washing machines getting loaded and baths being run!!

Today saw us travel to Stirling where we would have 3 very good games against two home sides and a West of Scotland team.

Playing in what could be considered unplayable going, we still produced some fantastic rugby.

Our first game against Stirling saw us start very well, spreading the ball wide and drawing in their defence, then using our disciplined shape, moving the ball again to produce space for our wingers to run into.

We closed down their attack, getting in close and pulling off some good tackles.

Stirling had one or two strong ball carriers and these set us a challenge of trying to stop them. The players dug in deep and didn’t give up trying. It was a very good win to start the day.

Our second game also against a Stirling team was much the same. Again our teamwork showed and we were by far the best “team” and not always relying on an individual to do all the work. Sharing the points was a fair result.

Our last game against West saw us stretched a bit, with the conditions taking their toll and we started to stand off them a bit.

We never gave up though just losing by the odd point.

It should be noted that some of our players really stepped up today, producing some excellent rugby and made very good overall performances, which led to a very solid team display.

Many thanks to all those who contribute to this teams’ rugby journey, much appreciated.


Very proud of the effort shown by the whole team in really tough conditions today.

We played three games, all against Stirling County teams (yes, they can field 3 x squads of 14 players at P7 and still leave some resting at home!) on the muddiest pitches we have ever seen!

Before the start I asked the players to focus on three things. 1 Shape 2 Passing – letting the ball do the work and 3 Fronting up & tackling. We managed the first two in bucket loads, so much so that the referee came over to me at the end of the first game and said he wished his teams could play with the continuity in passing that our team had shown. We can still improve by working on ‘going forward’ with more aggression whilst executing all these great passes but their handling really was fantastic today.

We had a good second game which was pretty evenly matched – it probably also helped that we were on the ‘slightly less muddy’ of the two pitches so it allowed us to run with the ball a little easier. Improvements could be seen from the first game and we were starting to show a bit of aggression and fight!

The last game was a bit of a slog, and we started with a couple of our players out injured. Despite this I was really encouraged to see a couple of turnovers being won and the boys stuck in until the very end giving 100% and not giving up.

Given that we took a squad of 10 and none of our players had any chance to rest they did really well. The second game in particular had plenty of positives to take away and I hope that the boys recognise that.

We need to work on reducing the number of times we are losing the ball at the breakdown – something I’ve mentioned in the past. If we can improve in this area it will make a huge difference to our game.

Plenty to work on at training on Wednesday.

I appreciate the effort it takes to get the players to mid-week training. With good numbers, as we had last Wednesday, we can have a really worthwhile session!

Annan 17th November



Two Biggar teams played 5 tough, physical matches against Annan, Moffat, Stewartry and Wigtonshire today.

Our 2 teams were combined P6 & P7 and we made sure that the teams were split evenly.

Today was a great day for development, particularly when the teams were mixed and the players, both P6 and P7 having the opportunity to learn from one another.

Despite a bit of a slow start both teams improved continuously, game after game, and by the third game were playing some really competitive rugby against pretty big opposition!

It was a particularly tough stint of 4 games back to back for one of the teams but there were no complaints at all and the players just kept playing giving 100% game after game. They did look pleased to be finished at the end though!

We saw a tremendous effort and attitude from every single one of the players today and I have no doubt that there will be some sore bodies tonight – thank you for your effort today players and huge thanks to those who ferried and supported them today!

I’d encourage as many as possible to come along to training on Wednesday so we can continue to build on this.


Today was not only a great day for Rugby but also a great advert for Biggar RFC!

The Annan festival saw us play two teams in a total of 8 games as we came together with our P4’s to form equally split mixed squads. – and what formidable squads they turned out to be!

I have literally no idea what they feed their kids down that way, nor at times am I sure what rules they play to either but each and every single player that pulled on a Biggar jersey deserves one huge pat on the back for their efforts in their retort to whatever was thrown their way.

It was fantastic to see how both age groups integrated so well together. There was equal amounts of support, offloads and encouragement from both sides, you could be forgiven in thinking they played together as a squad every single week. – I have to say how impressed I was with all the P4 players who were truly non phased by the whole experience.

I don’t have a collective handle on each score but with the exception of one game it is thought we ran out the winners in 7 out of the 8 ….. an amazing result in the face of some spectacular opponents who did not let up at any stage.

I loved today. – there’s really nothing more I can say but well done everyone. You are all absolute stars and a credit to family and club!

27th October v East Kilbride

The Mini section meanwhile were at East Kilbride.


Today saw us away at East Kilbride. What a difference from training 2 weeks ago. We had our listening ears on!! Both ourselves and EK split in to 2 teams.
The first 2 games we won well. It was great to see our ball retention in contact was a lot better. We were a lot more aware of the touch line and either cutting back inside or looking for the pass inside which was very pleasing from a coaches point. Our support play was brilliant with quick pop passes we were making good yards.
The 2nd 2 games were slightly tighter although I I think we still won both. Tiredness was starting to creep in towards the end.
Some of our tackling was outstanding. EK had some big boys but we were still fit to put them down. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
When we faced East Kilbride at the start of the season at home, they stuffed us. Just shows how we have improved.
Well done again everyone. Thanks to all you parents for your support today.


Absolutely phenomenal effort today from each and EVERY player today! – I think after last night’s outing to Murrayfield we thought there would be a few tired bodies on the pitch today but we didn’t see a bit of it in their play.

We haven’t been strong off the start in recent outings and this is something that we have focused on both in pre game chats but also through the drills we are running at midweek training. – concentrating on contesting for the ball when it’s free and targeting the ball carrier when we lose out of that possession. …. it’s clearly paying off!East Kilbride haven’t been a walk in the park in previous meetings and are strong at driving forward and keeping the ball alive with great offloads, but today we countered with great tackles and yes, they ran a few past us but we made it hard for them at every turn.

At times we pulled in at the sides but we quickly sorted ourselves out.

The results ….
Biggar 6 – EK 5
Biggar 8 – EK 7
Biggar 9 – EK 7

Lastly, thank you to everyone who made the journey through and provided support from the sidelines.

Thanks too has to go to Gordon, Stuart and Riki. – as a squad we are benefiting massively from their collected efforts and provides us with a strong diverse skill set moving forward!


Firstly, we had an awesome visit to Murrayfield on Saturday night. It was very much an all-round Biggar night as not only did we have our half-time game but the P5s/P6s did the guard of honour and our very own P7, Gregor McCuaig was Edinburgh’s mascot.

All of them represented the club wonderfully and were a credit to all involved.

Our P6 game was against a big, leggy Kinross team who it seemed thought we were going to be an easy opponent.

This wasn’t to be the case and a very good Biggar performance of running, passing rugby saw us run out 4 – 2 winners on the night.

The whole squad seemed to relish the experience and I have no doubt there were some very tired players last thing Saturday night.

After what seemed a very quick turn-around, despite gaining an hour, we were right back on it with a visit to East Kilbride.

Of late we have been producing arguably our best rugby to date, so some games against what has always been a very physical, well drilled team such as EK, is something we probably were needing.

It was a test, but the effort we put into it was impressive. We did not make it easy for them. We started slowly allowing a few cheap points for them, but gradually started to get into the game, showing more intensity.

It was evident that EK were hungrier to win the ball and contest at the breakdown than we were, perhaps we are too polite, so we will work on this at training.

We did unfortunately ship too many points today, giving away posession on too many occassions with simple knock-ons and forward passes. This is something we don’t usually do, so this should be easily rectified for the future.

All in all a great challenge today and one which we accepted over all four games today.

Please expect some tired minds and bodies this afternoon, as the late night and bottomless going on the pitch today may take it’s toll!!

Thank you to all the parents and supporters who travelled with our players to both Murrayfield yesterday and East Kilbride today. We cannot do it without you.#


Match report

We played four stints of 10 minutes against East Kilbride on Sunday.
The sun was shining but due to some of the pitches being waterlogged we had to make do with playing on a much narrower pitch than we are used to.

This meant that there was little option but to run into inevitable contact which, for the first 10 minutes at least, didn’t work well for us as we kept loosing the ball.
The pitch was so narrow that our option to get the ball wide and use our quick runners was not on the table!

The second , third and fourth stints were all improvements and we adopted the game play to at least compete with the opposition.

One of the things we’d asked the players to do was to keep heads up looking forward in order to scan the opposition, adjusting our field position based on what we saw. It was clear that this was happening, which was excellent, and the communication amongst the team resulting from this was strong.

What was encouraging to see was the improvements over the course of the four games but overall our physicality and sharpness needs to be worked on so we can compete against bigger physical sides such as EK.

6th October at Penicuik

Mini P6

For the second successive weekend we found ourselves travelling away from home, this time to Penicuik to play them, Dalkeith and Forresters.

For the second successive weekend we found ourselves travelling with a compact squad of 9 players. Again this allowed more valuable gametime for each player.

For the second successive weekend we found ourselves producing absolutely fabulous rugby. We continue to maintain a very disciplined on-field shape, both in attack and defence. Keeping our width we passed the ball very quickly and accurately across the park. Our support running, offloading and ownership of the ball at the breakdown today was first class.

Tackling has at times been our downfall but today, throughout the whole squad we produced some awesome tackles and a very good defensive display.

3 games played and 3 very good wins, however what was more impressive was our overall team performance which did receive some very nice compliments from opposing coaches. Our teams’ focus and concentration has pleased us of late and as always their behaviour was a credit to them and their parents.

Thank you to all parents/friends etc for transporting our players and giving them the opportunity to play.