Alongside our strong U18 Boys programme Biggar RFC also has a strong U18 Girls setup. Our U18 girls age group is for those aged 16 or 17 before September 1st 2021. Training follows the same pattern as the other girl’s teams with training on a Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8.30pm as well as an optional Monday night Academy session from 7pm to 8.15pm.

Key Contacts

Susan Wylie Girls Convenor at

Girls U18 Achievements
2016 – U18 Girls National Bowl Winners
2018 – U18 National Cup Winners
2018 – U18 National 7s Winners
2019 – U18 Girls – Clydesdale Sport Council Youth Team of the Year
2019 – U18 National Shield Winner

Donald Voas

Euan Bogle

Team Manager – Karen Fraser

Season 2021/22

December 12th 2021

Biggar U18 12  Stirling County 93

I know! I know! It’s gone the wrong way, but this was actually a better game than last time! It was an intense, action packed and flowing game of rugby.
We started well, if memory serves me right scoring the first two tries of the game making the first half of 30 mins a joy to watch, but alas the second half was not ours!
I think we had an excellent mindset entering the match, but County’s rucking got into the girls’ mind and using this they (County) were able to break our defence. Breaking it well they did! I must give it to them, the discipline in their breakdown is exemplary. This resulted in a dis-jointed return play from us. I think only two set-plays came from our backline – one produced an excellent display of skill, determination and panache with a try being scored.
Tackling was very good from our girls, but just exposing enough gaps for County to exploit. Our hands were also something I was pleased with. When the points started to rack up against us the girl’s heads went down a bit to start with, but I am SOOO proud – they got it together THEMSELVES! I went over and listened to their group ‘huddle’ and there were strong positive voices ringing out!
This game was fantastic from a learning perspective, we played the game that County wanted – we need to be able to switch and play ‘our’ game. We have some excellent players and they all bring something to the field. We will build a strong ‘play-maker’ in role and get our moves on!
Anyway, our girls stuck at it to the last minute and did us proud again. I am never interested in the score (well you know what I mean!) against whether or not the girls enjoyed themselves! They left the field of conflict singing festive songs!!! Nuff said!! Try scorers Kirsty and Zoe (Zoe kicking conversions).

December 5th

Today was a fantastic day for our U18 girls/young woman! We travelled to Ravenscraig and faced off against Strathendrick/Strathaven team for game 1 and East Kilbride/Cartha/Lenzie team for game 2. We played 12-a-side, uncontested scrum and lineouts on a slightly reduced pitch. 20 min games.
We paid tribute to Siobhan Cattigan (Scotland Woman) with one minute of applause.
The girls were focused right from the start and it showed. The tackles came thick and fast as our opposing teams were of a good calibre. The standard of rugby was high in all aspects of the game. The pace was fast and a lot of excellent handling was demonstrated by all. Our rucking was fabulous!
A special callout goes to Rosie Dykes who got her first ‘cap’ with the team today! She stepped up and displayed what it takes to put on the Biggar shirt! Well done Rosie.
We played back-to-back, which I was please with as it meant our girls could stay in the ‘zone’.
Our girls are gelling and as commented on by several on-lookers to me they are a well mannered and respectful team. Today was ‘watched’ by the SRU, which I think most, if not all, of our girls did not know about. Suffice to say what the girls did today must have surely impressed them!
We had a starting line-up in the Forwards of Cerys Forrest (VC) – Loose head / Mhari Duncan – Hooker / Lana Bell – Tight head / Ellie Ritchie Second row / Olivia Bradley Second row / Kirsty Ritchie No8
For the Backs we had Anna Baillie – Scrum-half (Capt) / Eilidh Armstrong Fly-half / Elise Knights Inside-centre / Georgia Steele Outside-centre / Rosie Dykes Wing / Eve McAlteer Wing
Farah Conn came on for the second game and took over the play-maker role and Eilidh moved to play Full-back. I know that makes the numbers wrong! Don’t worry, Kirsty came off for a breather!
There was a very short time at the start of the second game that play/possession went against us, but the girls pulled it back. Kirsty stepped into the backline at 13 and they played some set pieces and it worked fantastically! Ladies and Gents these girls are a pleasure to watch playing rugby! Their heart is tremendous.
Oh I almost forgot! We need to watch for Ellie’s kicking! She did a marvellous clearing kick!
Scorers are:
Game 1 (8/1)
Lana 4 – Kirsty 2 – Elise 1 – Cerys 1
Game 2 (8/3)
Lana 3 – Elise 2 – Eilidh 1 – Kirsty 1 – Cerys 1
1, 2, 3…

November 14th 2021

November 7th 2021

U18s Girls Biggar vs. East Kilbride/Strathaven

Hello Folks!
I was hoping that my poor admin this morning was not a sign of things to come today… it was not!
After a slight hiccup in the running order of things when we all got to East Kilbride, we became aware that we did indeed have a game to play today – EK/Strathaven vs. Biggar.
We were joined by Abbie McDonald (Waysiders) and Eve (Whitecraigs) taking our squad to 12. Eve saved the day by stepping into play 9!
Cerys Forrest Act. Capt lead our girls onto the pitch and the entertainment commenced! We played 11-a-side (rolling sub!) on a slightly shortened pitch. The girls came out of the gate with attitude! Their handling skills were fantastic, with off-loads, pop-passes and passing under pressure being the staple diet. Their lines were straight and strong with excellent support running. Rewarding them with the first two scores. Good, hard tackles were made. Although some were missed the girls gave chase and pulled back most.
Our rucking wasn’t the best, but luckily EK/S didn’t exploit this. That said, Isla and Cerys did some excellent clearing. Our defensive line needs work, it became fragmented at times allowing for some break throughs.
It is evident that the girls are ‘thinking’ and ‘assessing’ their opponents, structuring a strategy and communicating their plans to each other effectively. This was shown in Abbie (10) calling a blindside move, much to my surprise!
Top tackler for the game is a choice between – Isla, Elise and Cerys
Handy hands I would say was – Farah Conn
Rapid runner (from try line to try!) – Ellie
Dodging damsel (evading tackles) – Eilidh
Of note were Mhari Duncan for some quick thinking in defence and Kirsten Rose who was outstanding on the wing and got herself involved in much of the play, to great effect! Well done to you both!
Abbie McD has moulded into the team very well. Our girls demonstrated some of their training with some set moves, which not only looked great, actually produced some points!
Ah sorry! Points!?!?
Try scorers
Elise Knights (4)
Lana Bell (3)
Kirsten Rose (2)
Farah Conn (3)
Eilidh Armstrong (1)
Ellie Ritchie (1)
Cerys Forrest (1)
Abbie McDonald (1)

But I cannot emphasise enough, the incredible level of support exhibited by ALL team players today. They really worked together to get the above girls in the right place at the right time to place the ball down over that line!
The girls were beaming from ear to ear! They said it themselves ‘a much better game than against Stirling’. Not meaning the score, but how they played. Damn, PROUD of them!

October 25th 2021

Drum roll please………..
Biggar U18 Girls 12  Stirling 77
I was going to say bad news first but actually this score isn’t bad news!
Why? Because it was a damn good game of rugby! The score doesn’t related the quality that the girls displayed. Sure we got some things to work on but we’re a new team with our reacquaintance with Annan and our new friends from Waysiders. We have 4 girls from each club to strengthen our squad. Once we get our defensive line sorted that 77 won’t be there!!! Well unless it’s on the other side of the scoreboard!! We made two breakthroughs as can be seen and they were a sight to see! An excellent display of determination and skill – try scorers being Sarah Hunter (14) and Kirsty Ritchie (8) with one conversion by Eilidh Armstrong. But as usual it was teamwork that got them there. The first half just wasn’t ours! But even when the girls’ heads were down a wee bit they dug in and put some points on the board making the second half very entertaining. They experimented with some kicking and tried to change tactics which did produce some gains. At the end they were smiling and in high spirits because I hope they realise they played well and we can build on what we did. We have skill, passion, commitment and an awesome team. Finally, a huge congrats to our Capt Anna Baillie who in her debut match in that role lead the girls with calm and structured inputs (that’s not just me saying that, others made mention to me of her composure!!) Also to Cerys Forrest (VC), not only when Anna was subbed for a while, but throughout the game she demonstrated her leadership qualities too. Well done everyone!

22nd August 2021

BIGGAR U18 GIRLS at Maroon’d at Gala

Well hello folks!

This has been a long time since I typed something for the Girls Rugby! But here is the first update for the U18s Biggar Girls outing at Gala ‘Marooned’ event on Saturday.

Here is a phase I hope to use a plenty ‘WE WON’ – however on this occasion we were really the ONLY team in it!!! With all the other teams pulling out bar the hosts, but they unfortunately were only able to field four players, we lent three players to Gala and played 7v7 in a 2×7 min game.

We held two ‘heats’ with a final in front of the main stand at Netherdale. Needless to say, folks our Girls were awesome! We have the makings of a good season ahead. There was some excellent rugby from them after this long break. The ‘heats’ were held on the rear pitches, but when the girls played on the main pitch in front of the crowd they showcased their style, determination and skill. The rain dampened spirits slightly, but our girls had fun and smiles were exhibited.

A few ‘mentions in dispatches’ are:

A cracking chase by Isla Sheridan resulting in tackling Sammy Shaw / Excellent chase by Anna Bailie of Lana Bell / Elise Knights running in support for Lana / Ellie Ritchie in support of Elise as above.

Heat/Game 1

Biggar 35-5 Gala.

Biggar scorers.

Eilidh Armstrong (3)

Ellie Ritchie (2)

Cerys Forrest (1)

Lana Bell (1)

Gala scorers

Elise Knights (1)

We gave 3 players to Gala Vixens – Elise Knights / Farah Conn / Sammy Shaw

Heat/Game 2

Biggar 30-15 Gala

Biggar scorers

Farah Conn (3)

Emily Wood-Kidd (1)

Ellie Ritchie (2)

Gala scorers

Lana Bell (2)

Eilidh Armstrong (1)

We gave 3 players to Gala Vixens – Cerys Forrest / Lana Bell / Eilidh Armstrong


Biggar 30-0 Gala

Biggar scorers.

Ellie Ritchie (3)

Lana Bell (2)

Cerys Forrest (1)

We gave 3 players to Gala Vixens – Emily Wood-Kidd / Anne Bailie / Isla Sheridan

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    5th October

    Our under 18 girls, bolstered by a few Wayside Drumpellier girls, took on Hillhead Jordanhill in extremely wet conditions, a hard fought game with tries scored by Geraldine Kimm, Kaylee Fraser, Mariana Finlayson(x2) and Katie McPherson (x2).  A big thank you to all of the supporters who braved the rain to cheer the girls on. If you would like to try rugby, no matter your age or experience we are always happy to welcome new players at Biggar RFC. We are looking forward to our next festival on the 3rd of November at Clydebank.

    5th October

    Our under 18 girls, bolstered by a few Wayside Drumpellier girls, took on Hillhead Jordanhill in extremely wet conditions, a hard fought game with tries scored by Geraldine Kimm, Kaylee Fraser, Mariana Finlayson(x2) and Katie McPherson (x2).  A big thank you to all of the supporters who braved the rain to cheer the girls on. If you would like to try rugby, no matter your age or experience we are always happy to welcome new players at Biggar RFC. We are looking forward to our next festival on the 3rd of November at Clydebank.

    November 3rd

    Elsewhere the U18 girls in faraway Aberdeen teamed up with Strathaven to play in the Caledonia series festival matches. The combine side lost out by 22-17 and 20-7.