Bricks, Bricks and MORE Bricks!


Bricks, Bricks and MORE Bricks!


A plea for HELP

1. Have you bought a brick? If so FANTASTIC! And very many thanks for your purchase.

2. Have you promised to buy a brick? If so, THAT’S BRILLIANT! And thank you for your promise.

3. Have you considered buying a brick? If so, that too is GREAT NEWS! And thank you for your consideration.  

But inevitably, there is a BUT…. We’ve had prolonged discussions with our major funders (SLC and Clyde Windfarm) who will not allow us to begin any work until we can confirm we have ALL the funding in place. We are currently short of the £1.16 million total required and while Bricks are selling we need your help to try and speed the purchase process up! 

This is where you can help!  If you fall into Group 1 above, we have nothing further to ask, and many thanks indeed for your support. If you fall into Group 2 or 3 however, then would you please consider the purchase of your brick now? We are SO close to getting this project underway. Applications are outstanding to both the SRU and Sportscotland but decisions about fund allocations are some months away.

Please help us, help the club! Follow the link below for all the relevant forms.