Annual General Meeting: Date confirmed


Annual General Meeting: Date confirmed

AGM: Date confirmed

This is usually held in May but with Covid leading to a lockdown it became very difficult to deal with all aspects of running the club and consequently the items which make up the Agenda.

We have now been able to make rough assessments on how the lockdown has impacted on the season past and the likely effects of the postponed start to the coming season. This has not been easy of course and in the current very fluid situation there remain many, as yet unanswered, questions and imponderables…..when will the season start, what type of league/Cup/friendly matches will there be, what will the impact be on the Youth sections, memberships/sponsorship/playing numbers and so on.

As we don’t believe we will be able to host an “in person” AGM it will be held on Zoom and can be joined using a link which we will email nearer the time.

The date is Wednesday 29th July, starting at 7.30pm

Participants do not require to have Zoom on their phone, tablet or computer and in order to join, they can just use the link.

Just as a warning, please note that all participants will initially be muted to save background noise - those making reports will be given a voice of course.

Members wishing to speak on a subject should preferably give notice to the Secretary prior to the meeting or TEXT the secretary during the meeting on 07775731112 and we will attempt to find you.

We would ask for your patience as this will be a first for most of us.

Any resolutions or items for the Agenda to Mike Booth our Secretary on the E-mail address below by Monday the 20th July please.

Mike Booth