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Minis BIG weekend


The end of April saw one of the P7s busiest weekends of rugby of the season. Seven games, nearly 2 hrs of rugby, 28 trys scored from 11 different players, 15 trys conceded, one tournament won and another semi-final reached - generally big smiles and tired bodies from everyone involved, (players, parents and coaches) Thanks to the kids for all the effort and the parents for their support .

The games started at Dalziel on Saturday afternoon. A straight league competition saw Biggar drawn to play Hamilton, Strathaven and Dalziel.

The P7s started slowly in their first game against Hamilton, losing a try and being under pressure for most of the first half before they realised they were in a really tough match. Eventually the trys came from good close support play. Archie, Fraser, Murray and Ross all scored to 2 Hamilton scores final Score 4 - 2 to Biggar.

Biggar started their second game by linking up better and sharing the ball around with two trys coming quickly from Daryl and Ross Then Strathaven found some gaps and ran in a try and were back looking for a second. After that fright and a half time wake up speech Archie, Callum and then Jack scored in the second half, final score 5 - 1 to Biggar. 

In the last game against Dalziel Biggar were at full throttle running in different types of trys from both close and wide play starting with Jonathan then Andrew, Murray, Ruadhri (2), Connor, Fraser and Andrew all before half time. Dalziel came out with a stronger defence in the second half and let only one more try through in the second half, this a score for Archie. Final score 9 - 0 to Biggar . 
The next day saw a mid-morning start in the sun at Currie. Biggars first game was against unknown quantities Dunbar. Biggar quickly got on the front foot with good, well planned restarts and players running through gaps. Initial tries came from Geraldine, Ruadhri, Greig, Archie and Ruadhri again. Dunbar scored twice - final score 5 -2  to Biggar.


Next up were Ayr, a team the Biggar squad have never managed to beat over 3 encounters spanning 4 years of mini rugby. Biggar started well but Ayr scored first followed by a quick equaliser from Fraser. Biggar then went over the line again but Ayr held it up and Biggar couldn't get the ball grounded. Half time was 1 - 1.

The second half was fairly even but eventually through some good runs Biggar got the ball over the line but again couldn't get it grounded. This time a Penalty Try was awarded and with a tense finish to the game seeing Biggar go close with a forceful run from Connor. Final score, 2 -1 to Biggar.

Next up Currie Ambers. Fielding a depleted squad and with the knowledge that they were already in a semi-final Biggar seemed to let their intensity and tackling drop a notch during the first half,. Restarts were suddenly slow and static and very quickly Currie were 4 - 0 up. A short reminder of some basics at half time to the Biggar squad saw a much more direct and positive game in the second half with Biggar scoring 2 initially through a quick pick and go from Murray and another from a determined drive for Fraser. Currie also scored 2 in the second half so the final score was 6 - 2 to Currie.

Biggars semi-final was against Stewart's Melville. The game started fairly evenly with Biggar putting some early pressure on SM but then SM got some good passes away and quickly scored twice. Biggar countered before half time with a try from Geraldine.  The second half was evenly contested but SM got another try and Biggar never quite got the ball wide when there was space and opportunities. Final score SM 3 - Biggar 1, Biggar losing to the eventual tournament winners

Great effort and skill shown by all the players over the 2 days with great support from the parents as always. This group has a nice mix of powerful forwards and fast backs to make a potentially strong balance for S1 rugby. 


This weekend saw Biggar P3 travel to the annual Stirling County Mini festival which again proved to be a well-run and welcoming event.

Drawn in pool 3 Biggar started against Madras who played quick rugby passing out of the tackle well and pressurising the Biggar defence. The team did well to keep in front and to use the width of the pitch to keep ahead of Madras on the scoreboard. Final score 5-4 to Biggar.

In the second game against Hamilton, Biggar played well to win 3-0. Biggar had 3 P2's playing in the side. Alex and Gregor were fantastic and Harris deserves special mention for playing so well with so little game time in the past.

In the third game against a young and fairly inexperienced Stirling County team, Biggars defence was well organised and stout. In attack Biggar enjoyed the space they created and ran home 9 tries. The highlight had to be Alex Lang with an outstanding solo run for the right corner only to be closed out and side step his way past a defender. He then made a bee line for the left had corner with cheers of all Biggar (and probably a few Stirling supporters) carrying him over the line.

The final group game was against Hillfoots which, despite strong determination and creative running, Biggar sadly lost by 3 tries to 1. The team had to learn difficult lessons in the face of some controversial decisions and it is a credit to these 6 and 7 year old kids that they kept playing and showed excellent sportsmanship to their opposition despite the obvious and understandable disappointment.

Well done all and bring on contact rugby!!!

Mini P7 at Stirling County

Mini Rugby P7
On a day when the weather was only good for rugby or staying wrapped up inside Biggar Minis headed to a windswept and wet Stirling. The minis new jackets were a real winner today so thanks to Paula for organising and the sponsors (CK Contracts Ltd) for providing them.

Sometimes when a team loses three games, each of them by 2 – 1, it’s a frustrating or disappointing day, but not today. Today was all about determination, great individual performances and team work; today was about putting into practice the hard work on tackling and rucking that has been done over the last 3 weeks. Today we saw the squad play proper linked up rugby with good support

going into tackles and rucks and nice offloading and passing in tricky conditions. Each of the matches went down to the wire and any game could have been won. Playing without any subs gave the team lots of playing time and experience which is all good for the future.  A special thanks must go to Archie, Katie, Jack and Myles who all helped out playing with the P6s for a game or two. Feedback from the P6 coaches was that all did very well and helped out greatly - thanks.

The first game against Stirling County 1 was an even affair with Stirling doing most of the pressing but not finding any gaps until eventually they found space out wide. Biggar replied but Stirling got one more in the last minute.

The second game started with a well worked restart going straight to Ross who skipped through the Stirling County 2 defence. They came back eventually getting a try just after half time and then another at the final whistle.

In the final game GHK started brighter with some impressive passing wide especially given the conditions. With the score 1 - 0 to GHK, Biggar came out in the second half ever more determined and through hard team work and pressing got Archie a little space to go over for a deserved try. GHK came back with fresh subs and moved the ball well to get a winning try near the end.

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