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Club News and what’s on this weekend - April 26/27th

Club News

On Friday evening (Fri 18th) the Girls U-15 team travelled to Glasgow and Scotstoun to take part in the guard of honour prior to the Glasgow/Ulster match in the RaboProdirect match.

Having fulfilled a similar role the previous week at Edinburgh but having returned slightly disappointed by their reception, the Girls were delighted at the response in Glasgow on Friday when they played a match at half time and after the game met many of the Glasgow players. A great honour! Did you spot them on the BBC Alba programme?

The girls are also hosting a dominoes fund-raiser in the Cross Keys on Saturday for their tour to Stornoway. Entries are almost all complete but speak to Charlotte Court for details.


In what is another fantastic opportunity the players of the P6/7 mini section will be in attendance at Scotstoun on Saturday 26th when they form the guard of honour prior to the Glasgow/Edinburgh 1872 clash.

Paula Yardley is keen to know the names of all those who are able to attend so if you haven’t replied please do so asap so that arrangements can be finalised.



Twenty years ago almost to the day Biggar’s then U-18 side managed a historic National Cup final win when they defeated Kelso Harlequins in a match played at Boroughmuir’s ground in Edinburgh. That win will be celebrated on Saturday when almost all the winning side will gather at Hartree Mill for a 20th anniversary lunch. With players parents and now their own children in attendance it’s expected to be a fun affair, rekindling many memories from the 1990’s. There may still be some room left so if you haven’t managed to secure your place please speak to Stuart Harrison asap.


This coming weekend is another very full one with the following games scheduled.

Saturday U-15’s at Scotstoun VII’s – this is a repeat of the competition which was held back in January prior to the Glasgow/Edinburgh clash but which was eventually postponed after the pitch became flooded.


P3 at Stirling County tournament ) Coaches will be in touch re-times.

P4-7 at Currie tournament           )


U-16 v Portobello in Edinburgh Cup final – Dunbar KO 3.30pm (this venue is still to be confirmed)


Senior VII at Peebles Sevens 1st tie v Howe of Fife KO 1.30pm (approximately)

Biggar Minis in the sun at Peebles

Easter Sunday fun in the sun for Biggar Minis at Peebles Tournament

Biggar P3s enjoyed a great day of rugby in the sun at Peebles. 4 of the 7 children have only been with us for a few weeks and did really well in 3 very close matches. Congratulations to all of the children who played and we look forward to building on the experience gained today.

On a gloriously sunny day, Biggar P4s enjoyed a very successful outing to the Gytes in Peebles.
Starting off against unknown quantity Langholm, the boys were disappointed to discover that the ref was not prepared to allow rucking. Three months of training in this for the boys and previous clarification from the SRU did not alter the ref’s opinion, so the boys resolved to adapt their game as best they could.
Langholm were made up of some very big players, and for once Biggar were matched in size and weight. However, size isn’t everything and Langholm immediately struggled to contain the fleet footed and powerful Fergus Watson, and had nothing in response that could punch through the co-ordinated and muscular defence provided by Ben White, Fergus Mason, Josh Davis and Donald Jack. The game was a very one sided affair, with tries coming from Biggar’s pocket rockets Gregor Lang and Hamish Mellanby who were able to dance through the increasingly frustrated Langholm players, along with a remarkable hat-trick from Josh, who played out of his skin. A final score of 8-0 reflected Biggar’s dominance in this game.
Next up were the home side Peebles, some of the players were friendly with Biggar players off the pitch, and they had been quite vocal prior to the game at how easily they would defeat Biggar. Peebles certainly were a more lively side than Langholm and their speed merchant Robbie Smellie scorched though the Biggar defence with an early try. However, his ‘Losers L’ celebration dance was probably a mistake, as he very rapidly found himself crushed under a massive tackle from Fergus Mason, this altered the dynamics of the game and the Biggar tries started to flow. As usual Fergus Watson led the attacking charge down the wing supported by Gregor and Hamish, but forwards Ben White and Josh Davis had the power to drive through the centre for tries of their own.
Despite a spirited effort from Peebles they could not contain the much heavier Biggar boys, and could make no impact on their defence. The final score was Peebles 2, Biggar 9.

To reach the final, Biggar now faced last year’s winners Kelso, a very well drilled squad who were skillful and incredibly quick. Biggar were completely caught off guard against this team, who ran through Biggar’s defence with impunity. Despite a couple of consolation tries from Fergus Watson, at half time and with a 5-2 scoreline, the Biggar boys were looking extremely troubled. Fortunately the P4 tactics coach Alan Russell was on hand, and ordered the boys to pro-actively attack the Kelso ball carriers rather than taking them on the back foot. In the second half, the silence from the Kelso supporters indicated that things were now very different. The Kelso players were constantly under threat and were desperately passing the ball amongst themselves but making no progress. Biggar were now playing a vey mature, forwards led game with the ref commenting it was more like watching an adult side play. With the flow of tries from Kelso now staunched, Biggar’s forwards; Fergus Mason, Ben White and Josh Davis settled down to start pounding their way back to parity. When the full time whistle blew, a shocked Kelso side realised they’d been outplayed and had let their chance of retaining the cup slip away. Biggar 6 Kelso 6.

There now remained the little matter of dealing with the winners of Pool B, the Gala Mini Maroons. Gala had a full complement of 10 players as opposed to Biggar’s 7, they had powered they way past some very competent sides such as Hawick, and Watsonian's and they ran onto the pitch in full expectation of taking the trophy back to Netherdale. With the Ref agreeing to allow limited rucking and the Biggar boys now fuelled by some Easter chocolate, Biggar also took to the pitch certain the trophy was coming to Hartreemill.
In the first section of the game Gala dominated Biggar and things started to look grim, tackles were not effective and Biggar were letting Gala overpower them. The game came to a sudden halt as a Gala player objected with a punch to a perfectly fair clear out by Josh Davis, but to the Gala player's obvious amazement and tearful dismay it was returned. This gave coaches a minute to speak to their teams and the message from the Biggar coaching team was to 'tackle them hard, tackle them very hard indeed’. From that point on, the continuous rotation of the Gala players on and off the pitch indicated the intense pressure they were now under, and as their defence slowly buckled they were forced into silly mistakes that were rapidly punished with pitch length tries from Fergus Mason and Fergus Watson, on top of repeated pick and go tries from the Biggar forwards.

At full time and with the scoreline at Biggar 6 Gala 5, the massive effort put in by the boys had paid off, and Biggar P4s were the deserved winners.


The P5s enjoyed their day out winning some but not progressing to the final.


Well an interesting set of results for the P6s. Over the last 4 games, 3 on Easter Sunday and the last game last Sunday at Dunfermline the team has scored 24 trys and conceded 6 and still they didn't progress to the final at Peebles! Admittedly if we take the last 6 games that score line changes to 25 versus 16 but that still looks pretty respectable and has been fun for the team after some close low scoring games earlier in the season.

On Easter Sunday Biggar took on Peebles in the opening match.

Unlike previous weeks the squad got off to a quick start with Ruadhri O'Donnell scoring the first off his two barn storming runs followed up with a mazy run and try by Euan Barr. Andrew White and Callum Yardley crossed the line and finally a break through the middle and try from Murray Lean took the final score to 6 - 0, great tackling from all to hold Peebles no nil.

In the second game the P6s came up against old foes Watsonians who Biggar have had some good close games with and some success over the season. Unfortunately Biggar were slow out the blocks and Watsonians had used their quicker passing to run two trys in before the P6s had had a proper attack.

Heads went down a little but also a determination built within some of the team to get back into the game a good run and try by Euan Barr got the score back to 2 -1 but then just as the momentum might have shifted Watsonians scored again just at half time.

The second half was mainly Biggar attacking but Watsonians defence holding resolutely against the barrage with Biggar just not clinical enough when chances came, a good break by Watsonians finished the contest at 1 - 4.

Biggar were straight on again against Selkirk who we haven't played this year so were an unknown quantity. The strong second half against Watsonians helped Biggar start well with early trys coming from Euan Barr (2) and Arche Damer (2).

More trys followed from Cameron Gray, Callum McCallum Andrew White (3) and Murray Lean to make the final score 10 - 0.

As per most matches the squads tackling was great and the different mix of players helped the shape and structure of the team well done to all that played.


Welldone at all the Biggar Minis on what was a great day for running rugby. Thanks to Peebles RFC for their organisation.

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