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Biggar RFC Midi section caters for those of high school age. We currently have teams in S1, S2, Under 15 and Under 16 age categories, as well as an Under 16 girls team. The gradual incorporation of full rugby union rules over the different age grades makes Midi rugby the perfect stepping stone for progression onto under 18s rugby and then to the senior game. All midi rugby teams train on a Wednesday night at the club at 6.45pm. If you would like to know more please contact Aird Jardine on  07917731494

U-15’s and U-16’s record handsome victories in league encounters

U-15’s Biggar  35   Livingston  22

An 11-try thriller saw Biggar come out on top of this game and register their first win of the season.

Late call-offs and injury nearly scuppered any chances of a win at all and without the help of S2's, a forfeit was on the cards. As always, in the face of adversity, Biggar managed to sort it out and field 15 able bodies.

Biggar set out their stall from the kick-off putting pressure on the Livi side and restricting their large pack from bossing the game.

U15's were without influential flanker Daniel McConkey but with Fin Stott deputising splendidly Biggar managed to maintain their consistency in the back row.

Positive intent led to the first try that saw Biggar handle well with the ball getting to Matthew Stewart who used his pace to out-run the flailing Livingston defence.
Biggar pressed up to the Livi line once again, and after some gentle persuasion from the sidelines, crash ball was the order....sorry, request. Stuart Forrest obliged and smashed through the defence to touch down.

Scrum half Luhann Kotze fancied a piece of the action and used much initiative and vision to sneak one in from the blind side.
Livi had the potential to pull things back and that's just what they did through a combination of quick hands and slack Biggar defence.

15-5 at half time and Biggar certainly looked more like the improving team they aspire to be this season.

Biggar continued to dominate in the scrum even though the Livi pack were clearly larger but technique won through. Although it would appear that Biggar need some work in the ruck which was somewhat passive in its execution.

Kotze picked up another try but Biggar conceded two others due to switching off. Perhaps they thought they had less time to play than their opposition.

This loss of focus didn't last long and normal service resumed with Drew Brewster scoring a try after a display of commitment and determination and Declan Boulton added to the score sheet showing much of the same.

Lewis Stewart showed real desire all day and was rewarded by scoring a fine solo effort from inside the opposition 22.

The last play of the game was declared by the referee and a few seconds later Cameron Forrest got a rules 'Black-out' and tactical genius mixed up and threw the ball out of the park thinking it was all over! Unfortunately, Livingston scored from the awarded penalty. No harm done, but I reckon there's plenty of mileage in this one! Look out for the end of season awards!

Biggar had no success from the kicking tee and this was largely down to the wide angles that they were faced with.

Particular thanks should also go to S2's Harry Archibald, Drew Brewster and Cameron Snell who acquitted themselves well at the older age group.

This game was an obvious step forward and gives the U15's a great platform to work on before travelling down to Netherdale to meet Gala next week.

Tries: Matthew Stewart, Stuart Forrest, Luhann Kotze (2), Declan Boulton, Lewis Stewart,
Drew Brewster.

Penicuik U16 0; Biggar U16 86

The weather was beautiful at Penicuik and so was the flowing rugby from the Biggar squad.  With confidence levels already high after some good wins so far, these have been bolstered even further by this run out at Penicuik.

The coaches philosophy this year is very much that the U16’s play as a squad, with each player having opportunities to shine and play in various positions throughout the year.  This match was an ideal opportunity for the coaches to mix things up a bit and try a few players in different positions.  Even with this, the squad showed an impressive level of continuity with everyone slotting in well, no matter where they were playing.

This translated into an impressive scoreline in the first half with Biggar scoring 9 tries and 5 conversions.  Craig Meikle was the first on the scoresheet (his debut try), the ball being moved right for him to score after a scrum.  Biggar kept up the pressure and this time it was a forwards ball after a scrum with Keir Hamilton powering through the defence for the score.  Biggar ran the ball back after the restart and the backs linked well to put Douglas Hill over for another try.  Hamilton then made ground and Angus Kerr took the ball out of the ruck and with a swerving run sprinted to the tryline.  Hill then scored again, the try made through a good change of pace in his run, outsmarting the Penicuik defence.  The forwards then got their chance to score with Guy Kelly and then Jordan Gray breaking through tackles for a score apiece.  The forwards then worked a good lineout to secure ball and feed the backs with Alex Denholm crossing the tryline in the corner.  The last try of the half was scored by Andrew Jardine, linking with his fellow backs to take the ball over the line straight from the restart.

The second half was much like the first, Biggar dominant in pretty much all phases of play, perhaps the only area where work still being needed is at the rucks.  In order to improve in this area, the squad really need some competitive and aggressive opposition and this will come in later games.  With 5 tries in the second half and 3 conversions, Rowan Stewart scored both the first and second tries of the half, linking well with fellow centre Jardine.  Jardine then made a break to set up the next score for Hamilton with a further hat-trick try for Douglas Hill soon to follow.  Jardine finished the half with a try between the posts.

An impressive performance by all with some beautiful moves and hands displayed by the backs (and the forwards at times).  There were some training ground moves from both set-piece and in open play; switches, dummies, sidesteps, changes of pace, and good old fashioned straight running battering through the defence.  The squad played really well and confidence, already high, continues to grow even further.  With Murrayfield next up (bottom of the table before today’s results) the squad should again have an opportunity to try a few things and continue to enjoy their rugby.

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Midis Fixtures

September 28, 2014, S1 v Livingston (a),
September 28, 2014, S2 v Livingston (a),
September 28, 2014, U15 v Gala Red Triangle (a),
September 28, 2014, U16 v Murrayfield (h),
October 5, 2014, U16 v Bats (a),
October 5, 2014, S1 v Gala (a),
October 5, 2014, S2 v Gala (a),
October 12, 2014, S1 v Ayr (h),
October 12, 2014, S2 v Ayr (h),
October 19, 2014, S1/S2 v Penicuik (h),
October 19, 2014, U16 v Forrester (h),
October 26, 2014, S1 v Boroughmuir (h),
October 26, 2014, S2 v Boroughmuir (h),
October 26, 2014, U15 v Forrester (h),
October 26, 2014, U16 v Livingston (a),
November 2, 2014, S1 v Strathaven (h),
November 2, 2014, S2 v Strathaven (h),
November 2, 2014, U15 v Heriots (a),
November 2, 2014, U16 v Watsonians (a),
November 9, 2014, S1 v Currie (h),
November 9, 2014, S2 v Currie (h),
November 16, 2014, S1 v West (a),
November 16, 2014, S2 v West (a),
November 16, 2014, U16 v Lasswade (h),
November 23, 2014, U15 v Currie (h),
November 23, 2014, S1 v Whitecraigs (a),
November 23, 2014, S2 v Whitecraigs (a),
November 23, 2014, U15 v Lasswade (a),
November 23, 2014, U16 v Heriots (a),
November 30, 2014, S1 v Heriots (a),
November 30, 2014, S2 v Heriots (a),
November 30, 2014, U15 v Portobello (a),
November 30, 2014, U16 v Dunbar (h),
December 7, 2014, S1 v Livingston (h),
December 7, 2014, S2 v Livingston (h),
December 7, 2014, U16 v Dalkeith (a),
January 18, 2015, S1 v Melrose (h),
January 18, 2015, S2 v Melrose (h),
January 25, 2015, S1 v Strathaven (a),
January 25, 2015, S2 v Strathaven (a),
February 1, 2015, S1 v Heriots (h),
February 1, 2015, S2 v Heriots (h),
February 8, 2015, S1 v East Kilbride (a),
February 8, 2015, S2 v East Kilbride (a),
February 22, 2015, S1 v West (h),
February 22, 2015, S2 v West (h),
March 1, 2015, S1 v Boroughmuir (a),
March 1, 2015, S2 v Boroughmuir (a),
March 8, 2015, S1 v Hamilton (h),
March 8, 2015, S2 v Hamilton (h),
March 15, 2015, S1/S2 v Penicuik (a),
March 22, 2015, S1 v Gala (h),
March 22, 2015, S2 v Gala (h),
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