Hartreemill, Biggar, ML12 6JJ

Gold Club results for October


£250   -   79   Susan Bell
£100   -   259  Robert Stokes
£100   -   254  Kevin Wilson
£100   -   49   Finlay Smith
£100   -   307  Lauren Murray Lawrie
£100   -    83   Gordon Young

1st Gold Club Draw of the new season

August winners

£250: Jane Bairner

£100: Andrew Duncan

£100: Alf Tucker

£100: Neil Harrison

£100: Bill Conn

£100: Tom and Sheila Tweedie


Biggar RFC operates and Open to All policy and welcomes new members from all sectors of the community


We accept members from 5 years upwards who can join our Mini section to those that have retired and want to assist and retain their links with our active club.


Our membership year runs from May to April and if you would like to find out more about the playing arrangements at the club or become a member please contact either Gordon Young on 07774678617  or via email at gy1680@aol.com or Nigel Pacey on 07714 713504.


If you would like to know a little more about our rugby programmes for Primary or Secondary school children please refer to our Mini and Midi pages under the "Teams" section or contact either Laura Watson for information about Primary School age children and Paula Yardley on 07830022447 for Secondary School aged children

Membership rates and packages are as follows:

Download the form by clicking here (docx format)

The Standing Order form can be downloaded here (doc format)

The BRFC membership form can be downloaded here (doc format)





Membership Rates


Gold Club results for October

This month's results - congratulations to the winners


1st Gold Club Draw of the new season

Are you a member of the Gold Club? See Willie Chapman if you wish to be included and read on to see what you could win!

This is a great source of income for the club but apart from that it is a cracking wee earner for the individuals who are lucky enough to have their numbers drawn from the famous bucket.

There are 8 draws per annum. Each draw sees 6 prizes drawn: 1 x £250 and 5 x £100



Memberships 2016/17


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