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The Biggar Picture

Before the curtains fully closed on the 2015/2016 rugby season, there were still a few things to be completed.

The U15’s finished off their season by hosting Ballina RFC, a touring team from Ireland. The day was filled with great rugby, laughs and loads of fun. Biggar came out on top in the end with the final score being 33 – 17. The spectators were even entertained with a post match Irish jig and singing by the players from both teams. Days like this show what rugby is truly all about. What a fantastic way for the U15s to end their season! Our U15 (soon to be U16) boys are looking to recruit new players to bulk up squad numbers. If you or someone you know fancies trying out the great sport of rugby, why not come along? Contact details for the Midis are on the website.

If you’re also interested in having a chuck about with a ball get yourself to Street Rugby which is being held at Biggar High School Astroturf every Friday night during Summer. Sure to be a blast.

U15 Girls travelled to Carrick to play their final league game, winning 36 – 20 against a new, but relatively strong, side. However, Captain Sarah was lost in the first half when she dislocated her knee a belter. Let’s hope she doesn’t turn into her brother Alex who, for those of you who don’t know, is an injury with legs.

Our S2s had friendlies against Annan and Dalziel in May, warm ups for their forthcoming tour! The S2 numbers have doubled this season thanks to the fantastic work of all the coaches and players and this tour will help them knit together as a team. Hope you have a great time boys!

S1s had a difficult month with losses against Currie and North Berwick but bounced back with a win in their last match against a combined East Kilbride and Strathaven side. The last match was played in fantastic weather and the hospitality at EK was very much appreciated.

The Biggar AGM was held and Al did a fantastic job of summing up the goings-on in his first year of being Biggar RFC President. This year has been packed full of activity with the 40th Anniversary Ball, the Pitch Development fundraising and the development itself and, of course, the much anticipated Bill McLaren dinner. What a year we’ve had!

A ‘Meet the Coaches’ night was held at the Club to which coaches from the first XV to the micros were invited to come along as a thank you for all their hard work during the season.  The highlight of the night (for me) was finding out that Jan and Carolyn had brought along a magical toffee crisp traybake. I don’t really remember much after that………….

During May, all the Awards Presentations were held for the Youth Sections. Here are a few Biggar RFC Alternative Awards for those who didn’t qualify for the main awards:

Longest speech award: Chris Kelly

Stuck in the 80s Music Award: Andrew Smith

Most Heinous Act of the Season: Al Stewart for stealing the most amazing, beautiful Toffee crisp cake bar slice (even though you gave it back in the end, I still have palpitations when I think about it)

Kevin Costner award: Iain Chisholm for your TV presence, but don’t get all bigheaded again, these awards aren’t real.

Best Couple Award: Susan and Jock Gray, for feeding us all day, every day.

DIY SOS Award: Nigel and Peter – Founder members of the Old Boys Construction Club. They have overseen the pitch development and managed to turn the empty, run down match day pie hut into a snazzy base for Rugby Manager Nic… Here on to be known as “Nic’s Hut”.


And here the Awards ceremony comes to a close, along with the May Biggar Picture.

Look out for the final 2015/16 edition at the end of June.

I’m sure you will all be waiting in antici…



Gold Club winners

Sept Draw

£250   -   295  Ruth Lawrie
£100   -   159  Jim Halley
£100   -   179  Ted and Frances Gordon
£100   -   206  John Jackson
£100   -   62   Neil Harrison
£100   -   134  Gordon Porteous


October Draw

£250   -   170   Cliff Thomson
£100   -   22    Meikle Jackson
£100    -   326  Tommy Taylor
£100    -   71    Hamish Stewart
£100    -   20    Andrew Duncan
£100    -   281  Tom Sanderson

November Draw

£250   -   239   Ann Godfrey
£100   -   129   Mrs G Allison
£100   -   184   Ian Gibson
£100   -   198   Douglas Davies
£100   -   74    Dan Young
£100   -   249  Angela Cairns


December Draw

£250   -   98    Phylliss Tweedie
£100   -   73    John Turnbull
£100   -   287   Linda and Tom Anderson
£100   -   58    James Wilson
£100   -   157   Robin McAlpine
£100   -   46    John Hamilton


January Draw

£250   -   59    Doug McCulloch
£100   -   33    Jan Warnock
£100   -   157   Robin McAlpine
£100   -   62    Neil Harrison
£100   -   193  Graeme Watson
£100   -   269  Robert Cormack


February Draw

£250   -   1       Bob Drife
£100   -   47     Andrew Ironside
£100   -   6       Jim Yuille
£100   -   259   Robert Stokes
£100   -   197   Elspeth May

£100   -   151   David Williamson



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Gold Club winners

Winners for Sept.


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