Hartreemill, Biggar, ML12 6JJ

Colts Start Edinburgh League With Comfortable Win

Forrester Colts 0 pts v Biggar Colts 36pts

Edinburgh Youth League Cup

Saturday 11th February 2017


As one door shuts (Scottish Cup) another opens (Edinburgh League Cup) which Biggar will look to retain which they won after a tight battle against Currie last season.


Biggar Colts travelled to Forrester on Saturday to take on a side with some big physical forwards who from the start set out to take it to Biggar. This they did by keeping it tight and hitting up to try and break through Biggar. They certainly put a lot of work in but Biggar were not going to let them through and held firm for some 20 minutes.


Forrester tried to hit up once again but Robbie Orr was able to rip the ball from their hands and broke through to run in for the 1st try converted by Euan Bogle.


Shortly after, a set move by the backs ,allowed Robbie Orr to pop the ball to Euan Bogle who broke through and then in turn passed back to Robbie Orr who went in for his 2nd which was gain converted by Euan.


Biggar knew that when they were getting opportunities they would make it happen. This they did but only after some excellent tackling from the whole team.


With this being the 1st Edinburgh league Cup game , there was an opportunity to blood some of the Under 16 players who will certainly feature for the Colts next year. Finlay Barr and Sam Wallis made their debuts joining Daniel McConkey who has been with the squad for some time. All these players were putting in a big shift and were not phased by the size of the opponents. Finlay like his brother James may not be the biggest player on the pitch but he will have one of the biggest hearts and that counts for a lot.


Sam is strong and has a physical presence to easily blend in with the Colts.


Half Time : Forrester 0 pts to Biggar 14 pts.


Biggar started the 2nd half knowing they would have to work hard as they were facing into a strong wind.

But this was not going to distract them from playing free flowing rugby and in this half they showed why they are one of the best teams in Scotland.

After some strong rucking a loose ball appeared which Daniel McConkey seized upon and lifted the ball to then run some 30 yards to score. Daniel again coming from the under 16 squad will certainly play a significant part for the Colts in the next few years.


Robbie Orr , fresh from an early night notched up his third try by breaking down the blind and with 2 dummies was able to score from some 40 yards out.


Biggar were now fully in control and a short pass was popped up to Sam Wallis who showed great strength to break through 2 tackles to go over for a well deserved try.


The last try of the day was down to Jordan Gray who had put in a big shift throughout the day with his workmanlike performance in taking the ball back to the big Forrester forwards. Euan Bogle converted the try.


More tries could have been scored but too often passes were either not going to hand or being delayed too long.


Full Time : Forrester Colts 0 pts v Biggar Colts 36pts.


This was very pleasing result as Biggar continue to show continued maturity in how they mange their game.

No matter what game they play they go about it in a professional manner that is impressive to see .


Next week is a home league game against Penicuik.







Biggar Colts Lose Out in Tight Game to Merchiston School

Biggar Colts 3pts v Merchiston School 14pts.


Saturday 28th January 2017


Biggar Colts know they are unquestionably one of the top Youth teams in Scotland.

But where are they in relation to the top School sides ?.

The question was going to be answered on Saturday when one of the best school teams, Merchiston Castle arrived at Hartree where on a cold day the rugby again was of the highest calibre. Coached by ex Biggar 1st team coach Roddy Deans this team were going to be well drilled and organised throughout the pitch.


Biggar knew they again had to test where their limits were and again found out on Saturday that they really are up with the best.

Yes it was a defeat by 14 points to 3 points but it was one of the hardest games Merchiston had encountered throughout their season.


Merchiston who each Saturday can field three Under 18 teams and train each day were runners up in the top schools league and with a number of Scottish Under 18 players it was going to another stern test for Biggar.


Biggar may have encountered defeat, but they were not defeated. In fact, they came off the field knowing that they had proved themselves and were gaining incredible respect throughout Scotland.


Merchiston took the game to Biggar trying to create their strucutre that has allowed them to win so many games this season. From a lineout they drove and went over early on which was converted.

But Biggar were not going to let them settle and got into their usual belief that no matter what was thrown at them they have a determaintion and inner strength that they would not be defeated.


Merchiston were trying to break out but Biggar tackling was as usual ,solid and Merchiston were just not going to get through. Biggar then went on the attack and Aaron Dobie took an interception but was brought down just short.

With the Biggar forwards working tirelessly to contain the larger more athletic Merchiston pack, they were able to provide ball out to the backs and Robbie Orr who was outstanding, continually making breaks through the opposition defence.


Robbie was a constant thorn to Merchiston and they were struggling to contain him for a period of time and his offloading was allowing Biggar to gain territory. When the ball was moved out wide the backs set pieces were put into play and again ground was being made.


The most competitive area was with the scrum halves with both Luhann Kotze for Biggar and Robert Greenshields for Merchiston continually putting each other to the test. Both were playing excellent rugby.


Up to half time both teams cancelled each other out but there was some excellent rugby on display. Defence was dominant in both teams games and so it was not easy for any attack to gain much ground .

The Biggar forwards never at any time were for giving any ground and were solid at set piece.


Half Time : Biggar 0pts to Merchiston 7pts.


Biggar knew they had to continue causing frustration to their opponents as they had to gain deny them getting in any form of rhythm.

And they did and the whole 2nd half became a see saw battle with Merchiston only getting their 2nd try late on by hitting up through their forward and finally bullying over. Biggar did put points on the board with Euan Bogle kicking a penalty.


Final Score :Biggar 3 points v Merchiston 14points.

Final whistle was blown 2 minutes early due to injury to Rowan Stewart who is recovering well.

These boys have learned and delivered so much this season.

There hearts just don't allow them to lie down.

As once said “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

The Colts have for some years made the club so proud.

As head Coach Barr said “Biggar Colts are now dining at the top table”


Next up should be the Edinburgh Cup starting 11th February. Details to follow













Biggar Colts Lose Out In Close Quarter Final

Biggar Colts 3pts v Stirling Colts 13pts.
Scottish Youth Cup Quarter Finals
Saturday 21st January 2017

At Hartreemill on Saturday two of Scotland's top Under 18 teams came together in the top billing quarter final of the Scottish Youth Cup.
In front of over 300 spectators the occasion lived up to expectation with the game going right down to the last minutes with Stirling coming out on top by 13 pts to 3pts.

With six current Under 18 Scottish Squad players (3 from each) on the pitch this was always going to be a game of the highest caliber and it did not disappoint. Many of the players will hopefully in the future go on to be highly successful rugby players.      

Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained in the struggle against overwhelming odds. With a squad of over 44 players Stirling are the current Scottish Youth Cup Holders and won the Presidents Conference undefeated again this season . They amassed against the other top rated sides some 426 points while only conceding 32 points over 10 games. Their closest game was 27pts to 8 pts against Highland.
Yet Biggar who won their Green Conference have just 24 local players and matched them throughout the game on Saturday.

Early on Biggar were under intense pressure and had to deploy their biggest asset in their defensive tackling. Although Stirling had the upper hand in physicality and size they found the aggressive tackling by Biggar to be solid and were finding it hard to break through. Where Biggar had their strength. lay in their heart and determination.

Stirling were not gaining required moving up the middle and so took the ball wide where they took ground due to their ability to spread their team out and create overlaps which they did down the blind and it was their Captain , James Gibson who went over for the 1st try.

Stirling were starting to dominate and no more so that in set pieces which were causing difficulties for Biggar which in turn limited the opportunities that the home team had. Luhann Kotze at scrum half was not being allowed any time to create any forward movement.

Stirling then again moved quick ball out to their left wing Tommy Johnson who took advantage of the Biggar defense not man marking and sped down the wing to kick ahead and chase to ground the ball over the line before the Biggar cover.

The Biggar backs knew that if they could get chances then there was opportunity and this they did with Rowan Stewart breaking through but unfortunately support was not there for him to put points on the board.

The attack was working in the backs but more often it was their defence that was having to be deployed. Robbie Orr, Rory McGinn , Euan Bogle and Rowan Stewart were outstanding in containing the highly rated Stirling three quarters from being able to operate.

In the forwards Aaron Dobie was doing the job he was tasked to do and that was disrupt and tackle heavily. Not the biggest player on the pitch but maybe the one with the biggest heart. Craig Frame was working tirelessly beside him but nothing should be taken away form the rest of the forwards who were all putting 100% work rate in. 

Biggar were now more involved in the Stirling half than previous and with half time approaching were awarded a penalty from which Euan Bogle converted.

Half Time : Biggar 3 pts to Stirling 10pts. 

Biggar knew that Stirling would not feel comfortable with this score and so they would come back out strong. 
Positional changes were made and from the restart the game was taken to Stirling.
Biggar were getting more ball and set piece stabilised which allowed opportunities. The introduction of Andrew Nimmo was along with other positional changes making a definite impact.

Biggar got the ball out wide and Henry Adams went round his winger and traveled at pace towards the corner but was stopped just before the line.

Stirling were now in a game and for the next period of the game no ground was going to be given by either side. Biggar did half a period where they were inside the Stirling 22 but although penalties were being given any attempts towards the line were being well thwarted by Stirling.

The game then became very tense and it is often questioned why a this level there is not neutral touch judges present as off the ball incidents were not being punished which can aggravate situations more.

Stirling continued to try and break through and when in the Biggar half they were awarded a penalty from which Kieran Gammie kicked to give them a crucial advantage.

As always Biggar did not give up and right down to the wire they competed.
Unfortunately Biggar just could not find a way through and to relief of Stirling the final whistle was blown.

 Final Score :Biggar 3 points v Stirling 13points.
Although defeated , what a performance these boys had put in. There was pride that they had run the favourites closer than any other team Stirling had played this season.

You may encounter defeat , but you must not be defeated.
Biggar Colts have risen to a position where they are not seen as just a good team but now one of the best throughout Scotland.

Every player in the squad of 22 played a major role and each was outstanding .

 Biggar Squad : Euan Bogle, Marcus Dobie, Rowan Stewart , Rory McGinn(captain), Angus Kerr, Robbie Orr, Luhann Kotze, Neil Jones, Jordan Gray, Guy Kelly, Gavin Raftery, Calum Dunlop, Aaron Dobie, Lewis Stewart , Craig Frame, Alex Dawe, Daniel McConkey, Charles Connolly, Henry Adams, Keir Hamilton, Andrew Nimmo, Alasdair Steele.
Yogi , Gavin and Muz along with the back room team of Lauren and Jock could not have been more proud of this special bunch of boys.
This ending is not the end and as one door closes for the Colts another will open and hopefully there will now be an Edinburgh Cup which Biggar won last year after defeating Currie .
Its just another step in their path.
Soon many will move in a new way as they move up to senior rugby. They are simply going to leave their past where it belongs and and enjoy the new challenges that still in front of them. This group of boys which will certainly make a difference for the seniors.    

Tartan Touch is Coming to Biggar this summer



What is Tartan Touch? Click here for an introduction video


Tartan Touch is Scottish Rugby’s NEW Fun, Simple and Social version of non-contact rugby. With 8 simple rules, it’s a great game for all abilities and all ages.


The Tartan Touch season begins in May at 20 hubs around Scotland. Join in the fun and get fit at a hub near you this summer for only £3.


 If you are interested in getting involved, please email tartantouch@sru.org.uk or contact us at Biggar RFC

National selection honours

Congratulations to Fraser Brown who was selected to start on Saturday for Scotland against Ireland. Sadly his involvement lasted but 25 minutes after he clashed heads and although he was able to return after treatment he was replaced. Early indications are that the injury will not rule him out of selection for this weekend’s match against France.

At National U18 level Guy Kelly and Andrew Nimmo both took part in a training match on Sunday between the members of the Scotland U18 squad. Both props acquitted themselves well and will now continue to train prior to the 6Nations Championship in March. Meanwhile Andrew Jardine who has had a frustrating season due to injury will continue his latest return to action after rib injury. He will keep his fingers crossed that he will be considered for the March event.

Friday night floodlit match

2nds v Penicuik

The break in League action due to the start of this year’s 6 Nations Championship – and what a belter of a performance from Scotland – meant that there was another opportunity to hold a Friday evening match under the floodlights.

With a pre-match meal featuring sponsors Harbro and a fantastic turnout of coaches, refs and other volunteers as the club thanked all for their efforts the clubhouse was packed to overflowing.

The team work of Carolyn Cairns, Jan Harper alongside Kim, Lisa and Tess worked wonders again to provide a cracking meal for all (thanks again ladies!) before those brave enough ventured out to take in the match between Biggar and Penicuik 2nds.

‘Brave’ enough was apt and that goes too for those who played as the evening was anything but pleasant with a gale and torrential rain spoiling the contest which was ended prematurely because players (and referee) were so cold.

By midway through the second half the game was pretty much done and dusted as Biggar had engineered a handsome and unassailable lead against a plucky Penicuik XV who on the night were out-gunned by salvo upon salvo from the host XV.

There were encouraging performances from the side with all contributing positively to the cause. It was great to see Scott Thomson and Kyle Anderson back on the rugby pitch and eager to rejoin the fray.

Jock Bogle and Alistair Browning took over the reins as coach Doug Fleming couldn’t be there – the job of selection not an easy one after the Thursday evening training when there was a massive turnout of some 36 senior players. In addition to those present there were of course others who could not manage and/or who were injured. Given that the 1sts XV had no Saturday game and that the 2nds were playing the following night this was a very encouraging sight for the coaches and the club.

Well done to all involved, with of course praise for the pitch development which means that training is now on a well-lit, firm, largely dry surface which makes the prospect of going training so much more appealing. Contrast that with the conditions of previous years when the 2nd XV pitch was under so much pressure with large areas waterlogged and almost unplayable.


The preparations continue this week for the resumption of league action on Saturday although these preparations will be somewhat disrupted by the Young Farmers, all of whom have a busy schedule with the concert running all week. It’s been done before by many however and as the clubs tend to compliment each other it’s all part and parcel of busy times! Good luck to all!



All ‘GO’ at Hartree Mill on Sunday

On Sunday, teams arrived from Oban at boys S1/2 level, and from Falkirk, Waysiders, Cartha, East Kilbride, Linlithgow and Livingston at girls U15 level. Games ensued on what was a much more pleasant afternoon than had been the case the previous day.

All had a great afternoons’ rugby.

Biggar also had an U18 girls side at Murrayfield Wanderers (31-15 defeat) and U12 and U10 girls at Stewarts Melville! It just gets bigger and better!


U18 girls v Murrayfield Wanderers. (Report by Jane Denholm)

The U18 girls had their first match of 2017 on a cold and bright day on the back pitch at Murrayfield.

They started off well with some early pressure leading to a penalty which was taken quickly and a try was scored in the corner by Amy Watkins.

Wandies came back at Biggar although handling errors on both sides meant that the sides were evenly matched for the bulk of the first half. Injuries  to Biggar full back Kim Laird and No 10 Amy Watkins on the half hour mark disrupted play and Wandies took advantage from a lineout to score an unconverted try to level the score at 5 all at half time.

Wandies started the second half better and took advantage of a mix up in the Biggar ranks to score a converted try to take the score to 12-5. Biggar responded with some pressure that led to a further try scored by Ailie Tucker to take the score to 12-10.

Wandies N0 10 ,who was a constant threat to Biggar all day, scored a breakaway try and with a successful conversion took the score to 19-10. Wandies continued to press and despite some valiant defending by Biggar they scored a further try mid-way through the second half to increase the score to 24-10.

Some direct running from the Biggar girls and good driving gave Biggar a try with 5 minutes to go taking the score to 24-15 (try scored by Biggar Captain  Emily Armstrong). However it was Wandies that showed the greater hunger and after an error at the re-start it allowed the Wandies Nr 10 to score a further converted try right on full time. Final score 31-15.

The girls looked rusty for long periods of the match although there was some very good work at the lineout and scrum but they will need to work on certain areas ahead of the upcoming league and cup matches. As always many thanks go  to the coaches and we hope that Amy and Kim recover quickly and are back playing soon.

A Tale of two halves…

West of Scotland 26 Biggar 32

Biggar claimed only their second away win this season after they scraped over the line against West on Saturday.

That Biggar claimed a 4 try bonus was another boost for the side who have struggled recently, save for last week against bottom of the table Hill Jills.

With West claiming a win over near neighbours GHK the previous Saturday, Biggar travelled in the knowledge that they would face a city side on form. That they dominated the first half was extremely pleasing then, their 29 point tally coming in very nearly the same number of minutes. Aird Jardine kicked 2 conversions from the 5 first half tries, the opening try scored by himself and others by Alisdair Sinclair, Donald Voas, Ewan Sanderson and Gregor Stewart.

Quite what went wrong after the break needs some analysis but seemingly, without any obvious reason, Biggar’s effort faltered just as West’s increased, the home side able to claw their way back into the contest to add 3 tries to their solitary first half score to claim a 4 try bonus of their own ato take the score to 29-26 with some 10 minutes remaining.

This then became a 1 score match and it was left to Jardine to stretch Biggar’s lead to 6 points with a penalty. West were still very much in the game however and had they opted to kick for touch with their last penalty and use their most successful tactic, the lineout drive to exert pressure on the Biggar line then they may have sneaked the win. Instead however the tap penalty option was preferred and as they went through the phases it was Jamie Orr who rounded off a cracking game with a priceless turnover to end the contest.

Exciting or nerve racking? Both and in equal measure!


Biggar made a couple of changes to the side which opened against Hill Jills. There was a change at centre where Gregor Stewart returned after injury to replace Craig McDonald and at scrum half where Davy Reive replaced David McArthur.. In the pack Andrew Dunlop moved up to 2nd row to replace the injured Zander Lyon while Duncan Withers took his place in the back row albeit for just the first half due to a prior engagement.

Colt Andrew Nimmo made his first step into senior action as he came off the bench, the youngster showing up well and making some decent hits. He is also to be congratulated on making the next cut for the Scotland U18 squad who take on England at Peffermill on Sunday.


In a whirlwind start, this much to do with the fact that the game was played on West’s 3G pitch, Biggar ran West ragged and allowed them barely a touch of the ball and this only after Jardine opened the scoring with a neat chip and chase.

David Paterson, who had a very positive and very industrious day in both attack and defence, made the break for the next score although it was opposite winger Sinclair who rounded off the move with try in the corner. Paterson showed some real flair with this run which saw him round and hand off no fewer than 4 defenders before feeding Sinclair. Having missed the first conversion from a relatively good angle Jardine saw his next effort from virtually the touchline rebound off the upright. 10-0.

A series of good carries ended as Withers was left isolated and the resultant penalty gave west the chance to use their driving maul to good effect to take play into Biggar’s 22. Their pick and go’s looked to have done enough for a score but the referee blew for a knock on instead although the scrum saw Biggar penalised and west regain the initiative. A couple of phases later and their centre crashed over for a score which took the score to 10-7.

Undeterred Biggar came right back into things with a try Donald Voas, the prop tracking a dynamic charge from Ross Jackson. When tackled Jackson presented well and gave Voas the chance to pick and go for the last 8 metres.

Barely three minutes elapsed before Ewan Sanderson crashed over after another assault on the West line. Jardine’s conversion put Biggar ahead at 22-7 and also gave Biggar the 4 try bonus.

Stewart’s try just short of the half hour was set up by Robbie Lavery whose run took him through the first West line of defence. His pop pass was gratefully accepted by his fellow centre who was able to get the ball down despite the attentions of the West cover. Jardine added the points for the 29-7 half time score.

Biggar almost added a 6th try as Jackson intercepted off West in the Biggar 22. The youngster set off for the line but a cracking cover tackle from the West fullback did just enough to prevent the off-load tp the supporting Paterson and the attack came to nought.

Biggar don’t have a great track record for regularly running up large scores but such was their dominance of the first half proceedings - save perhaps for the driven line which West used to good effect – that had they managed another score shortly after half time, things might have been very different.

That was not to be however and a combination of errors and an increase in confidence of the home side conspired to give West the initiative. Their scrum half nipped over from an early attack and the conversion took the score to 29-14.

West will rue the missed chances they had in the game and which would have given them the win had they been converted. Twice they lost control of ball over the line although this was also due in no small part to some excellent cover defence from Biggar’s back 3 of Sinclair, Paterson and Steele who tracked back well on both occasions to prevent the score.

On the first of these the score was merely delayed as a mix up off the scrum base, an area which Biggar generally controlled well, led to possession being lost by Stewart who could only watch as the West centre pounced to score the try. 29-21!

A penalty and kick to the corner preceded the next West try, which happily from a Biggar point of view at least, was not converted. But at 29-16 the match was set alight for a nerve-jangling 10 minutes.

As the game progressed it became evident that the errors from both sides were going to be influential. While Biggar showed up really well in defence – Orr, Sanderson, Stewart just three who tackled tirelessly throughout – it was West’s errors which prevented them from claiming the lead.

Biggar’s attacks were rare occasions and these too ended with errors which allowed West further attacking opportunities. One such opportunity came as West lost ball in attack. Showing some great skills Biggar passed the ball wide to Lavery who made ground before passing to Paterson who took off on another run. There is a time to pass and a time to run and on this occasion Paterson held on for a fraction too long, the off-load to Orr just not suite going to hand.

Just minutes later however and Biggar were awarded a rare penalty which Jardine slotted for 32-26.

As the clock ticked on Biggar tackled manfully and then came the last turnover from Jamie Orr which brought the final whistle.

Players breathed heavily from their efforts while the Biggar spectators breathed heavily in relief! Ex-Biggar man Angus Thomson again showed up well form his adpoted club, leading form the front and tackling well throughout.

Coaches Mercer and Wilson were left scratching at their heads in an effort to understand quite what changed after half time. Nevertheless, this was an important win and one which should set the squad up nicely for their next match which sees them back in Glasgow at Whitecraigs.



Thomas Steele, Alistair Sinclair, Robbie Lavery, Gregor Stewart, David Paterson, Aird Jardine, David Reive (C), Donald Voas, Ewan Stewart, Dan O'Connell, Andrew Dunlop, Jamie Orr, Duncan Withers, Ewan Sanderson, Ross Jackson. Reps: Andrew Orr, Calvin Henderson, Andrew Nimmo, Craig McDonald.


The 2nd XV hosted Lasswade in a match postponed from a fortnight ago.

Able to field a strong XV Biggar recorded another excellent win by 41-3.

There was a 4 try bonus point with Alan Warnock notching a fantastic 4 try haul himself while Douglas Notman, Craig Frame and Alan Todd also scored, the last two both scoring from what was their first touches of the ball!

Gary Morrison (2) and Jack Warnock (2) shared the kicking duties.

With Kelso winning a tight match by 19-17 at Edin Accies, but without the all important bonus point, Biggar now return to the top of the East reserve league table by just 1 point.

Well done boys!

Gold Club results.


£250   -   236   Peter Kinstrey
£100   -   311   Simone McKeand
£100   -   332   David Parker
£100   -   286   Trina Watson
£100   -   15     Donald Elliot
£100   -   198   Douglas Davies


£250   -   220   Ian Goodall
£100   -   26    Willie Lawrie
£100   -   261   Bill Conn
£100   -   61    Kenny Bruce
£100   -   30     Andrew Warnock
£100   -   307   Lauren Murray Lawrie


£250   -   227   Andrew Baillie
£100   -   319   Andy Manock
£100   -   10    Alistair McArthur
£100   -   19    Ian Warnock
£100   -   273   R. White
£100   -   257   Derek Anderson


£250   -   79   Susan Bell
£100   -   259  Robert Stokes
£100   -   254  Kevin Wilson
£100   -   49   Finlay Smith
£100   -   307  Lauren Murray Lawrie
£100   -    83   Gordon Young


£250   -   233   Jane Bairner
£100   -   20    Andrew Duncan
£100   -   53    Alf Tucker
£100   -   62    Neil Harrison
£100   -  14    Bill Conn
£100   -  113   Tom and Sheila Tweedie


School of Rugby Programme

When youngsters go up into their first year of Biggar High School they have the opportunity to participate in the 'School of Rugby Programme'. This involves youngsters getting the opportunity to build on their social, physical and mental capibilities through the highly enjoyable environment that is of rugby union.


To download the programme information booklet click DOWNLOAD INFORMATION BOOKLET


To download our year 1 overview, which looks at the success of the first year of the programme, click DOWNLOAD YEAR 1 REVIEW


Biggar RFC operates and Open to All policy and welcomes new members from all sectors of the community


We accept members from 5 years upwards who can join our Mini section to those that have retired and want to assist and retain their links with our active club.


Our membership year runs from May to April and if you would like to find out more about the playing arrangements at the club or become a member please contact either Gordon Young on 07774678617  or via email at gy1680@aol.com or Nigel Pacey on 07714 713504.


If you would like to know a little more about our rugby programmes for Primary or Secondary school children please refer to our Mini and Midi pages under the "Teams" section or contact either Laura Watson for information about Primary School age children and Paula Yardley on 07830022447 for Secondary School aged children

Membership rates and packages are as follows:

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The BRFC membership form can be downloaded here (doc format)





Membership Rates


Colts Start Edinburgh League With Comfortable Win

Biggar Colts3


Biggar Colts Lose Out in Tight Game to Merchiston School

Biggar Colts


Biggar Colts Lose Out In Close Quarter Final

Biggar Colts


Tartan Touch is Coming to Biggar this summer

touch rugby in Biggar for all


National selection honours

National reps to the fore again.


Friday night floodlit match

Despite the dismal weather this was another Friday night success.


All ‘GO’ at Hartree Mill on Sunday

A selection of the action on Sunday from Hartree Mill and Edinburgh


A Tale of two halves…

Comfortably ahead at half time the 1sts showed some staying power to hold off a determined second half West comeback.


Gold Club results.

This month's results - congratulations to the winners


School of Rugby Programme

Click here for more information about the School of Rugby Programme.



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