Hartreemill, Biggar, ML12 6JJ

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President   Peter Macdonald  p-mcdonald@supanet.com

Vice-President   Alistair Stewart

Playing Convenor Dennis Lavery   07836545117  denis@winchhire.com

Club Secretary Ian Conn    07762455388  iaiconn@aol.com

Fixture Secretary John Jackson   07814157606 john@cockrig.fsnet.co.uk

Colts Convener Ian Goodall    07771957608  ian.goodall@jacobs.com

Midi Convener Aird Jardine   07917731494  airdjardine@btinternet.com

Mini Convener Dawn Currell     dawn.currellBRFC@gmail.com

Development Manager Nigel Pacy   nigel.pacey@awg.com

Sponsorship & Membership Secretary Gordon Young  07774678617  gy1680@aol.com

Treasurer Dougie Lowe

Merchandising Ian Notman    07899803916  notman110@btinternet.com


Pitch Convenor Hugh Barr 07984 611893

Committee Member Alistair Stewart    07796175381  stewartswestpark@btinternet.com

Committee Member Patrick McGinn   07526187648  patrick.mcginn@virgin.net


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