Hartreemill, Biggar, ML12 6JJ

AGM date

AGM: Thursday 2nd June. 7.30pm


The club AGM will be held on Thursday 2nd June at 7.30pm in the clubhouse to which all members are invited.


As always there is a plea for members to attend to make their feelings known, The committee are not faultless but they continue to work extremely hard for the benefit of the local youth and for the benefit of the club.


As such there can be many busy weeks. Are we getting it right? We believe we do, but not always as well as we would like.


Basically, we need YOUR input, YOUR thoughts, YOUR support, YOUR assistance.


This is your chance to offer opinion and to offer that support and to get involved.

It is YOUR club!

Pitch renovation - KEEP OFF!

The contractors have now moved in on the new pitches and the results are there for all to see. The grass is GREEN again! The unseeded areas have now been relaid and the place is looking so much tidier.


They have also undertaken some remedial work on our exisiting pitches to ensure we have a decent surface for the start of next season - remember the new pitches won't be ready until October at the earliest - we cannot get access to ANY grass area at Hartree Mill.


Peter Mcdonald continues to produce his weekly updates and training venues. These centre around Loaningdale and The Showfield.


Please adhere to these and keep off the grass at Hartree Mill.

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Biggar Colts Win Edinburgh Final

Biggar Colts


Rugby action on Sat 21st May

It may be May, but there is still rugby being played.


Mini Presentation

Mini Presentation


Girls West League Cancelled

Biggar U15 Girls v Cumnock U15 Girls (A) Cancelled


U-15’s v Ballina tourists

Irish tourists from County Mayo go down a  storm at Hartree Mill.





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